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WayVision' has come back with season 2, featuring fun and friendly winter sports!


Doyoung's first drama - A late-night café open only from 12:00 p.m. until sunrise. The mysterious barista there is still serving coffee through your soul.


Jaehyun's first drama - Dear.M” will tell the story of the campus-wide search for the mysterious “M,” an individual who is mentioned in an anonymous post on a Seoyeon University online community.


To the World

Stand By Me - WayV


Welcome! To the official, unofficial webpage for everythingNCT!


The group’s name stands for Neo Culture Technology, a broad term used by SM Entertainment to describe its innovative approach to localizing K-pop. With different groups aimed at diverse audiences in varying locations, NCT is an act that sees no restrictions regarding size or artistic style. It was designed with the aim of reaching a global scale


With this fan made website, NCTzens around the world can unite and fulfill that goal. This website can also ease the confusion for new fans and those who are intrigued by the NCT concept. 

I hope you enjoy your time on this webpage. NCT Fighting!

NCT Members guest/star in a variety of different shows i.e. School attack, Hello Counsellor, Weekly Idol, Dangerous Beyond the Blankets, Happy Together, Knowing Brothers, Idol Room & More

NCT Life is now at its 9th season. Get to know all the members as we hilariously follow members in their daily life/ excursion

NCT, WayV and SuperM Members answer questions and give you the TMI on Korean, Thai, Japanese, America and more, shows

Watch exclusive behind the scenes videos, recorded by the boys themselves, in their everyday adventure. Watch how their MV's are made and their adventures whilst they are doing official schedules


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