Snowball Project

Genre: Variety TV ProgramNetwork: vlive | Episodes: 25


“Snowball project,” a show which depicts the musical journey of singer-songwriter Park Jae-jung and Mark of NCT, is aired through Naver V app and Mnet. Henry and Yoon took part in the show as music producers. Park and Mark did the collaboration and the project got bigger and bigger like a snowball. 

Cast: Henry Lau, NCT's Mark, Jong Shin, Park Jae Jung, Shin Dong

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[EP. 11] Snowball Project

[EP. 12] Snowball Project

[EP. 13] Snowball Project

[EP. 14] Snowball Project

[EP. 15] Snowball Project

[EP. 16] Snowball Project

[EP. 17] Snowball Project

[EP. 18] Snowball Project

[EP. 19] Snowball Project

[EP. 20] Snowball Project

Archive List

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Episode 11:

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Episode 12:

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Episode 13:

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Episode 14:

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Episode 15:

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Episode 16:

FULL: via vlive

Episode 17:

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Episode 18:

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Episode 19:

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Episode 20:

FULL: via vlive

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