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Genre: Random Videos | Year: 2019 | Episodes: 6 Episodes + 3 Project Videos + 3 BTS

Watch behind the scene clips of WayV members start their own creative project. From desiging the logo to indivual performances, WayV showcase their talents. #tenwin dance performance, #xiaokun vocal performances & #luhenyag ... well crack head performance

Sub Credit: WayV

EP. 01

EP. 02

EP. 03

EP. 04

EP. 05

EP. 06

Winwin x Ten Choreography

Kun x Xiao Jun Live

Lucas X Hendery X Yangyang Freestyle

Winwin x Ten WayV-ehind

Kun x Xiaojun WayV-ehind

Lucas x Hendery x Yanyang WayV-ehind

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