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Tell me somesing Episode 2-1 | Kun & Xiaojun [CC]

#WayV #Kun #Xiaojun #Shindong #Quatturup #Tell Me Something #Exciting Soft Drink. Tell Me Something Really! steamed! The long-awaited first. Guest 😍 I'm glad Kuhn & Xiaojun are here 👏👏. Just by looking at Kunsha's face, it's already fun, but what if she chooses a good song?🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️💗Exciting Thumbly Listening with Kunsha, who has an exhilarating visual that defeats all summer 🤩A cool explosion that calls for spitfire🤩 #Kick_Back 🌃 #Day&Night intoxicated with Kunsha's visuals, summer fun. Driving music talk show running while singing and singing while running! Tell me something 🚕

Tell me somesing Episode 2-2 | Kun & Xiaojun [CC]

Tell me somesing Episode 6-1 | Ten & Yangyang [CC]

Tell me somesing Episode 6-2 | Ten & Yangyang [CC]

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Tell me somesing Special Clip #1| Kun & Xiaojun [CC]

Tell me somesing Special Clip #2| Kun & Xiaojun [CC]

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