Shall We Play Together? GG!

Updated: May 3

(with English subtitles) GG is a game program that invites celebrities who are famous for their love for games to form a team, after which they will compete against high school students from around the country. Defconn is known for his hobby of collecting various gaming gadgets, and Shindong used to be an owner of a PC Bang (internet cafe). Adding on top of these two are the industry’s “gaming expert” Lee Yong Jin, “gaming fairy” Kim Sohye, and Jaemin, who is more passionate than any other NCT member when it comes to games. GG will feature various kinds of games, ranging from nostalgic games of the past to mobile games, and even e-sports games.

GG Episode 1 | Jaemin Cut

Original Video posted by dear_smilejm but it has been blocked by Channel A on copyright grounds: 

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