Korean Englishman Interview

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

(English) Eating Through Half the Menu with KPOP Idols: NCT! Today we meet up with Mark and Jaehyun from NCT 127, as they introduce us to some of their favourite Korean-Chinese food! Honestly I only ever order jjajangmyun, jjambong or tangsuyuk at Chinese restaurants in Korea so I had NO idea there was such a uniquely diverse menu! We also chat with them about life as an "Idol", and the huge impact that they are having in sharing Korean culture globally. Ollie somehow manages to audition to become a KPOP Idol and we genuinely had so much fun. These guys were refreshingly down to earth and so much fun to film with, so a huge shout out to them both and the rest of the NCT boys!!

Korean Englishman Interview | Mark & Jaehyun

Korean Englishman Full Unpublished Interview | Mark & Jaehyun

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