♪ 'coNEXTion' | NCT U

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korea Creative Content Agency planned the "Gwanghwa Era" to raise public awareness of realistic content that combines cultural tourism content and realistic technology and make the Gwanghwamun area a center of realistic content experience space.

Gwanghwasu, which can be found in the Seoul yard in front of the Seoul Newspaper Office, is a participatory content that applies augmented reality and giant data (big data) technology to a 5.2-meter-high symbolic sculpture depicting "time-space-human connection," the theme of "Gwanghwa Era". And the theme song for "Gwanghwa Era", sung by #NCT's #DOYOUNG, #MARK & #HAECHAN, is named 'coNEXTion'.

♪ 'coNEXTion' | NCT U

Around Gwanghwasu, seven small sculptures were installed to meet the characters of popular K-pop singer #SuperM. If you call out / summon the "SuperM" character through augmented reality recognition, you can take pictures together or listen to music by receiving recommendations, according to user emotions.

In addition to stories of each location, 'Pengsoo' and #NCT's #TAEYONG & #TEN, produced with 360° video shooting technique, appear in augmented reality to provide a variety of attractions. A special gadget / device dedicated to the 'Gwanghwagyeong' experience can also be borrowed free of charge at the 'Gwanghwa Era Experience Center'.

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