GQ Korea My Essential 220213 | Doyoung [CC]

Something Taeyoung bought Doyoung? Here are Doyoung's real must-have items. (NCT, DOYOUNG, LELABO, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Nature Republic)

GQ Japan Sep' 2021 Interview | Yuta


GQ Japan Sep' 2021 Photos | Yuta

View/Download all photos here: (

GQ Actually Me Interview 210924 | NCT 127

On this episode of Actually Me, K-pop group NCT 127 goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Quora, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Wikipedia. If Doyoung and Yuta were superheroes, what would be their superpower? How is Johnny so flexible? Who is the funniest in the group? Will they drop their skincare routine?

GQ Korea TMI Interview 200320 | NCT 127

NCT Members play games and give TMI in GQ Interviews.

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