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Update Sites

SM_NCT [Twitter]

SM_NCT provides official daily updates (videos, photo-shoots, promotions, articles, everything!) and translations on NCT activities from not SMTown related social media but other official pages i.e. billboard, kbs, youtube. They are always the quickest and most efficient. 

NCT Indonesia [Website]

NCT Indonesia is a very organized website that provides official archives for all NCT Content. Though it's content is in Indonesian the site is best for photoshoot folders and monthly archives of all NCT SNS updates. 

FY-NCT [Tumblr]

FY-NCT is a tumblr page that focuses on HQ photo's. They post daily of all NCT members with pictures from different fansites. FY-NCT also updates NCT Schedules monthly and has an organized collection of NCT Videography

NCT Official




Subbing Channels

Neo Subs

Neo subs is a sub group run by SM_NCT. The sub mostly variety shows and programs. Notable works are Road to Japan, Weekly Idol, Show Champion Behind

Shbup [Youtube 1 | Youtube 2 | Youtube 3]

Shbup is one of the fastest subbing channels ever! She does not take request but usually subs videos within the first 2 hours. Shbup focuses on longer video clips & episodes that are provided on NCT Twitter and NCT Youtube. Her notable works are NCT Minute [N'-], Czennies Likes This Stuff, NCT mini life, Twitter behind clips & anything Taeil related

WayV Subs [Twitter | Youtube]

WayV Subs focuses on both the miscellaneous videos that WayV posts as well as WayV guest appearances


Neo Euphorism [Twitter]

This twitter pages is usually the fastest at subbing miscellaneous NCT videos. She/he posts the translations under each clip


This organization has many different translators, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. SM_NCT automatically translates all NCT twitter posts but their team also translates JP-mail and magazine articles

Shbup [Twitter]

When Shbup does not want to create a full video, she posts translations on her twitter. This varies from vlives to other NCT clips



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