NCT life - Osaka [S7]

Genre: Variety TV ProgramNetwork: VLIVE | Episodes: 21


On this Yutour designed by the one and only Yuta, members enduldged in a busy schedule whilst playing the manito game. Members have a first peaceful day visitng cherry blossoms and making traditional Japanese food. The second is hectic as members visit universal studios (harry pottter), a haunted house and ninja escape room.

Cast: Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Taeil & Winwin

Sub and Video Credit: Shbup

Behind the Scenes #1
Behind the Scenes #2

[EP. 01] NCT Life S7

[EP. 12] NCT Life S7

[EP. 13] NCT Life S7

[EP. 14] NCT Life S7

[EP. 15] NCT Life S7

[EP. 16] NCT Life S7

[EP. 17] NCT Life S7

[EP. 18 NCT Life S7

[EP. 19] NCT Life S7

[EP. 20] NCT Life S7

[EP. 21] NCT Life S7 (Finale)

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