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Genre: Random Videos | Videos are only added if English Subs are available

NCT Mini life shows NCT members daily life during waiting rooms & backstage playing games & etc

Sub Credit: Neosubs YT | _NChina-lineT_ YT | details given on each video

NCT Nimdle

[EP. 01] Nimdle - NCTBle 

sub cr~ _NChina-LineT_

[EP. 02] Nimdle - Cushion Quiz [170114]

sub cr~ Neosubs

[EP. 03] Nimdle - Rolling Paper [170115]

sub cr~ Neosubs

[EP. 04] Nimdle - Make your Partner Laugh

sub cr~ Neosubs

[EP. 05] Nimdle - Twister

sub cr~ shbup

[EP. 06] Nimdle - Kkanari Night #1

Sub Cr~ Shbup

[EP. 07] Nimdle - KKanari Night #2

Sub Cr~ Shbup

[EP. 08] Make Your Partner Laugh Behind

Sub Cr~ Shbup

[EP. 09] Nimdle - NCTable Behind

Sub Cr~ Shbup

[EP. 10] Nimdle - KKanari Night Unseen

Sub Cr~ Shbup

[EP. 11] Snack Delivery

Sub Cr~ Shbup

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