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Mini Life

Genre: Random Videos | Videos are only added if English Subs are available

Just like NCT Life - Get to know members as they play a series of missions and games as they wait for their official schedules. 

Sub Credit: Neosubs YT | _NChina-lineT_ YT | details given on each video

NCT Behind

[EP. 21] Behind - How Dreamies Play [170317] NO SUBS

[EP. 22] Behind - NCT Dream Cam - Dunk Shot [170317]

[EP. 23] Behind - Chenle, The Happiest Person In The World [170321]

[EP. 24] Behind - Game Instinct [170321] NO SUBS

[EP. 25] Behind - Swag at Nylon [170322] NO SUBS

[EP. 26] Behind - Music Core [170323] | NCT Dream 

[EP. 27] Behind - NYLON [170322]

[EP. 27] Behind - Nylon Shoot [170323] NO SUBS

[EP. 28] Behind - On the way of KCON Mexico [170330]

[EP. 29] Behind - Ivy Club [170401]

[EP. 30] Behind - Jaehyun & Johnny Cam at KCON Mexico [170403]

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