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Day Day Up | Pitch King | Weekly Idol | My SMT Show | Dream Class | On Air NCT Show | Star Dust |

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Day Day Up |  Winwin

Episode [161125] | Winwin


[161125] Day Day Up | Winwin

Sub Cr~ _NChina-lineT_


Pitch King |  NCT Doyoung

Episode [160914] | NCT Doyoung

DY CUT: Vimeo 

[160914] Pitch King | Doyoung

Sub Cr~ Eternally Do


Weekly Idol |  NCT 127 OT7

Episode 265 | NCT 127


[EP. 265] Weekly Idol | NCT 127 OT7

Sub Cr~ Eternally Do


My SMT Show| NCT Dream

Episode 04

PARTS: YT [1/3] - [2/3] - [3/3]

[EP. 04 - part 1/3] My SMT Show

[EP. 04 - part 2/3] My SMT Show

[EP. 04 - part 3/3] My SMT Show


Dream Class | NCT Dream

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Episode 01

FULL:  via vLive

[EP. 01] Dream Class


On Air NCT Show | NCT U <7th Sense>

Episode 01

FULL: YT | vLive

Episode 02

FULL: YT | vLive |

[EP. 01] On Air NCT Show

[EP. 02] On Air NCT Show


Star Dust | NCT U <7th Sense> / NCT 127 OT7

Episode XX | NCT U <7th Sense>


Episode XX | NCT 127 OT7


[EP. XX] Star Dust | NCT U <7th Sense>

Sub Cr~ Eternallydo

[EP. XX] Star Dust | NCT 127 OT7

Sub Cr~ Neosubs


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