Jun 4, 2018



Just this year, Mark is leaving the Dream Unit (not NCT) and just imagine, December 31, 2018 11:59pm, Dreamies are gathering as OT7 and having fun while holding back their tears as they were about to be OT6 then Next Year, 2000 liners will be transferring units and by 2020, Chenle will be leaving Dream (he's in NCT 116 along with the China Line anyways), then imagine Jisung as their leader with some 2003, 2004, 2005 liners :(


cri cri cri


(Imagine Thoughts cr. Twitter)

Jun 4, 2018

omg don't, this absolutely breaks my heart! its true.. Jisung Hyung is everyone's worst nightmare!!

Jun 4, 2018

this is why i feel stupid for not stanning NCT from the beginning

Jun 11, 2018

the day Jisung becomes a hyung will be a sad day I'm not ready for

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  • Recently, we've been captivated by the advent of SuperM, a so-called supergroup for being composed of leading members (for some of them) of SME's established bands. The concept revolves around the Avengers of K-Pop narrative although not much has been properly said about what SuperM is about. As usual when it comes to SME, SuperM is futuristic . SuperM is innovative . But what is the actual purpose of that band? I'm sure there's more than that. And this is one of the reasons I like it even more. This is clear that there is a message and not necessarily to the supporters of SuperM but a diagonal message aimed at several audiences in the teaser of Ten. That painting, Taemin that reveals the falsehood of that pretended bucolic mind, the awakening of Ten .. But I will not discuss it right now. When I have more time, I'll post a review of each song plus some comments about its impact of NCT and WayV. But, however deep is the concept of SuperM, Jopping is one of the best songs SME has released this year. And one of the best performances as well. What else should be expect from SME anyway? <3 To be continued.
  • This is from my Instagram Story 😂 Here is 9 of 18 members that were similar to me. If you want to check out all 18 members that I answered, go to my instagram (@hdhyun18). LOL SORRY IF I ANSWERED THIS DIRTY 😂 IF I ANSWERED THIS and yeah chensung is the most similar to me HAHAHA Let me know who is the most similar to you! (well credits to @baekcity on IG for this)

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