Frequently Asked Questions

About NCT

Who is Hansol?

Hansol was a member of SMRookies, who participating in the first NCT Life & dance videos such as bassbot. Hhe later went on to compete on the survival show The Unit after not making the inital debut of NCT U. Hansol successfully made it to the finals of The Unit and is currently a member of the boy band UNB.

How does NCT work?

Imagine NCT is a Brand Name.. Now everything falls under that one 'brand'. 

NCT 2018 is the project name for all members who are apart of NCT this year 2018. Next year 2019 may or may not consist of new members. 

NCT U is an official/general name given to a group of members under NCT who work on a project. Sometimes groups may be 5 members or simply just 2 members. This all depends on the concept. Anyone under the 'brand' NCT can collaborate with one another and the project artist will be titles NCT U (NCT United)

NCT 127 is a fixed unit consisting of 9 members. These members do not change. NCT 127 is called 127 as they focus on kpop and 127 is the latitude of Seoul, where kpop originated

NCT Dream is a group for younger members under the age of 20. Their concept of bubble gum pop. This group changes every year dependent on the boys ages. For example this year will be Mark Lee's final year as a NCT Dream member as he has already reach the age of 20. He will officially only be recognized as an NCT 127 member and of course in the NCT U projects he may have

NCT 116 is the speculated Chinese line. 116 is the Latitude of beijing and will focus on mandopop. 

About everythingNCT

The subs aren't working

Unless stated otherwise, all videos added to this website are subbed both hard and soft. If you cannot see the subs its most likely that your CC is turned off. To turn on subs, click settings on the bottom right of the player and click on [cc] / closed captions.

Will you post updates? 

Video posts will be updated on this site as they are published however trivial news, twitter updates & etc will not. This is because this requires a lot of energy and also there are already many other fansites that provide regularly updates. The main purpose of this website is to not provide NCT updates but to archive NCT activities and information on NCT Members. Please check out NCTzens Community for a list of sites that are able to provide these updates.

Why is there no a gallery?

The reason it was decided that a gallery will not be added was because there are already many other sites i.e. twitter fan sites, tumblrs & instagrams that provide better quiality and more regualr updates of photos. Please check out NCTzens Community​ for a list of sites that are able to provide these updates.

Who runs this site? 

At the moment, this site is currently run by one person @_nctography (instagram) / everythingNCT (youtube)

The videos won't play

Since most of the videos are sourced from youtube, they may face copyrights issues and therefore removed. If this is the case we will try to find an alternate link via dailymotion. Sourcing from youtube also means that some content will be blocked depending on which country you are viewing from.